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      About Us

      About Us



      No.12 Zhongdali Road, Xinbei Industrial Park, Daibu Town, Liyang, Jiangsu, China
      Post code:213300
      tel: 0519-87305078
      fax: 0519-87305178

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      Company profile

      As a specialized company in the production of pellet mill dies, rollers ,etc. Weikeer always be the focus of customers. Weikeer is established in 1996,the new factory is located to Tianmu lake with area 13000 m2,and the area of production workshop is over 7000m2.We have advanced manufacture technology and full set of processing equipment. There is 26 technologist and more than 100 workers in our company, the fixed assets of Weikeer is more than CNY 30 million now.

      In recent yeas, Weikeer invested large fund to import advanced CNC (HTT KH-4-100) for ring dies and HZQL heat treatment equipment ,to ensure high quality of our products and the maximize benefit of customers.

      Weikeer has already become a professional company with manufactured service,we can provide various ring dies and rollers for ZCME,CPM,Buhler, Famsun, Andritz, Van Arson, Shende, etc.


      Year of 1996  

      Mr. Lu laizhao established Weikeer in 1996 with 20 personnels.

      Year of 2002

      Weikeer bought its own factory in 2002, as well as semi-automatic equipments, more than 100 staffs were  employed at this year.

      Year of 2011

      In 2011, Weikeer built it new site in Daibu town, we bought advanced Vacuum oven  and gun drill, etc.. Automatica equipments casted down the persons to about 40.

      Year of 2013

      We owned one utility patent for pig feed in 2013.

      Year of 2015

      We owned one utility patent for bird feed in 2015.

      Year of 2017

      Weikeer had its ISO9001-2015 certificate in 2017.

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