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      No.12 Zhongdali Road, Xinbei Industrial Park, Daibu Town, Liyang, Jiangsu, China
      Post code:213300
      tel: 0519-87305078
      fax: 0519-87305178

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      Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

      A:We are a manufacturer, which has 21 years of experience in this industry.

      Q:How can I get to your company?

      A:You can get a flight to Nanjing Lukou Airport. Then you can take the high-speed railway from Nanjing Nan station to Liyang station. Or We will go to pick up.

      Q:Do you have some foreign customers using your pellet mill die?

      A:Yes, we have.Our company has established business relationships with customers in South Africa, Canada,Vietnam, Argentina, New Zealand, Peru, India,Pakistan, Ecuador etc.

      Q:How long can your ring die be used?

      A:Our ring die has long service life.The service life time is about 1000-2000 hours.

      Q:What are the factors affecting the lifespan of a die?

      A:There are many factors affect the service life of a die:

      The composition of raw material

      The characteristics of raw material

      The moisture and fat content of material before pelletizing

      The particle size of the mash

      The heat conditioning of the mash

      The pellet mill controls

      Q:How to buy your pellet mill spare parts?

      A:Just tell us the brand and model of your pellet machine, we will make the precise pellet mill spare parts for you.


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